By mrdaniel

Critical Mass

Ctrl + V from The Jakarta Post article from 24th Feb 2012:

Maddening traffic quagmires have become an everyday tradition in the city, where it is next to impossible to go between places without getting stuck in at least one traffic jam.

With an 11.26 percent increase in the number of vehicles in the city over 2011 - compared to the 0.01 percent increase in the length of roads - and legions of other traffic problems, it feels like the gridlocks are not going away anytime soon.

They have become such a persistent source of pent-up frustration that Jakartans can do little but make fun of the problem, saying that traffic jams will make people "tua di jalan" (get older on the streets).

So, without further ado, here are five spots so notorious for traffic jams that Jakartans feel a little bit older while trapped in the gridlock.

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P.S. Just realised this is the second blip I've used with the title Critical Mass (first here). Both justified I feel, but must get a bit more creative!

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