Inspired by the Egyptians

Inspire morning at school today - hubby's turn to go this year. The task was to write Charlotte's name in hieroglyphics on papyrus paper. Her name is in the middle. They finished that with time to spare so on the left is my Sunday name, Victoria, and then on the right is Stuart's.

I think it looks really good, we are going to get a frame for it at the weekend.

Felt so tired when I got in from work, think that eating very little at lunch time in an attempt to lose some weight doesn't agree with me. Tea woke me up a bit and I got the Wii fit board out after madam had gone to bed. We haven't used it for years so I cancelled all the old data and reset it. Was mortified to see that it gave me a Wii fit age of 60!! Lots of work to do!

Managed twenty minutes tonight which has to be better than nothing.

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