Not all growth is necessarily good. As much as I like to see development and like to see people working and money being made and homes built, sometimes I don't like to see the way it is being done. And I'm afraid I'm not real keen on this particular kind of growth. Toronto seems to be a condo developer's wet dream. Sadly, the very thing that draws people to live where these are being built is being destroyed by building them. Oh well, we will see eventually who is right or even if anyone is.

I am not positive I have the GPS coordinates accurate for this image. I was stopped on the highway just a few cars behind something that had all lanes, both directions blocked, 35C weather. I sat there for ten minutes when all of a sudden everything was open and there was not a trace of what might have been the problem except a few workers walking down a ramp that continued to remain closed.

I cannot help but wonder if something fell off this development? Giving me another reason to not like it! :D

ps. I've been a bit sloppy with some backblipping over the last few days. I've posted a number of entries in an odd order and I've done it over a few days. If you are interested, there are a couple of blips I am very happy with since the 16th :)

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