By RMRayner

Staycation 266/365

Not a lot of time for creative photography today, but I did have to take a new shot of the Ashcombe Country Cottage's Woodhouse Farm complex. The last time I went to do the picture (day 135) I found a Sainbury's van parked right in the shot which wasn't really what I was after.  Now I have the viewing screen mounted on the quadcopter's controller it does make life easier when doing aerial photography.  We have an older version of this view in the office to show people where they need to go to... but now there's a new garden, carpark etc so it's good to get it up to date.  

The building on the left is the indoor pool and games rooms, behind it is the outdoor playground.  Cottages from left around the courtyard are America (sleeps 4), Madeleine (sleeps 6), Columbia (sleeps 15), Rainbow (sleeps 15) ), Freedom (sleeps 8). Then Endeavour Farmhouse (sleeps 15) and Owl Cottage on the lane (sleeps 6).  On the right is a 50KW mini solar farm which provides some of the energy used in the properties.  Above that are farm buildings used for cattle and harvest storage.    

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