All the Strawberries!

We had a really fun day today!

We started off picking loads of strawberries at a 'pick your own farm' north of the city. You could pick as many as you could fit in the box and in your belly for $12 (around £6). We got a good haul as you can see here!

We followed that up with a drive through the Swan Valley. A well renowned wine region. We stopped at the Lancaster Winery for a wee taster (I only had a few sips because I was driving, Jen was able to enjoy the wines more freely!!). We picked up a bottle to take home it was so good!

When we got home we dropped up the bits we'd picked up and went for a wander in the nearby park. We hadn't done that before and it's stunning. We saw our first Black Swan, native to WA, and might have had a bit of run at the play park!

All the photos from the day can be found over on my Wordpress site here

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