Night Photography Can Be Hazardous

And that's official!

I'd spent a nice hour around the Cumberland Basin area of Bristol just as it gwas getting dark. Long exposures, reflections of the moon in the River Avon, very pleasant.

On the way back to the car I took a shortcut under an unlit section of the flyover and crash , bang, wallop! I simply hadn't seen the metal chain stretched between two concrete bollards. I had one camera on the tripod which was resting on my left shoulder and my second camera hanging from my left shoulder. Well, both went flying as I fell headlong with arms out to stop my head hitting the concrete surface. Very big ouch. I haven't sworn like that for a long, long time.

It took a few moments to realise what had happened, then I remembered the cameras. It was too dark to inspect either me or the equipment, I just needed to get back to the car and get home. No bones were broken at least.

It wasn't until I'd been driving for about a minute that I felt blood running down my left arm! I just pressed on home to confirm that both my elbows were cut and bruised as was my shin where I'd caught the chain. Oh, and a section of the focusing ring on one of the lens was detached. I shall give all the kit a proper look over and functional check tomorrow, I'm too shook up for now.

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