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Catch Me If You Can

My 18 year old daughter graduated from High School today. I snapped this photo right after the class tossed their caps into the air. It brought back memories of my own graduation, which was a sea of 620 green and gold teens rather than 227 dressed in white and red.

Despite temperatures in the 90's, the graduation was held under blue skies, with a sight breeze every now and then. I think my favorite part of the event was seeing my daughter and her dearest friend walk together and graduate one after the other. 10 years of friendship stood the test of time. I am so proud that these two young women managed to go through good and bad times together, and still remain friends.

Tonight, the entire Glen Rock High School Class of 2012 is attending "Grad Ball." It is an event held at the High School until 3 am. Each year, parents transform the gym into a secret trip to another place or time. This year's theme was given a big hint by the GRHS 2012 "Hollywood" sign on the mound of dirt seen in the background of this photo.

The mountain of dirt represents most of the football field where this exceptional group of young adults should have had their graduation, and the subject of an earlier "Blip." In the end, the graduation was held on a soccer field, and the theme of the Grad Ball was a TV/Movie Studio with all sorts of interactive places for the new graduates to celebrate and enjoy their last day at Glen Rock High School.

Make no mistake. This was not a regular party. An entire set was designed and built to function just like a soundstage. It will be exciting to see what cool things she brings home from the event. It may cost a fortune to put on each year, but it keeps teens off the streets and away from dangerous parties.

Recently, I ran across a photo of me walking back to my seat after receiving my high school diploma. I am wearing an ugly golden gown, complete with white platform sandals. It seems as if that photo was just taken yesterday.


I don't remember tossing my cap into the air, but know that I still have my tassels and cords from both high school and college. I never realized how the kids found their caps again until the other day.

Puffy Paint!

I'll leave you with that, and perhaps reveal more at another date.

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