El Camino

By AndrewForbes


The stars aligned and somehow we were able to juggle professional commitments, so today we were both free.

The forecast was for no wind on the flawless beaches west of Tarifa, so we headed out for a picnic!

We love food, it really is one of life's great pleasures. Today's simple, homespun, and homemade menu was:

Filetes empanados (breaded chicken breast with herbs & lemon)

Tortilla de patatas (classic Spanish omelette of sautéed potatoes & onions

Ensalada de tomates (classic Spanish sliced tomato salad with herbs, garlic & olive oil)

Pinxtos de fruta (mini skewers of summer fruits of honey dew & water melon with pineapple)

I'm sure some of you may be thinking what wine should be paired with such a feast. Well, easy a fresh, fruity, and 'fizzante' Lambrusco! (don't let it's poor reputation put you off, it's a perfect summer picnic wine! :-)

This phone shot shows the thistles that grow on the Bolonia beach (behind me are big, spiky flowering cactus and pine clad mountains); and a small stone circle built by people so they can sunbath sheltered by the wind that is practically omnipresent on these beaches (most beaches here are quite hippy, many decide to be naturists, so when the wind blows sands goes everywhere!)

I've blipped here before - there are stunning Roman ruins complete with amphitheatre and temples that run down to the beach and a natural monument, a huge mobile dune that 'eating' the pine forest.

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