By hjarald

Vessel 11

This is my 1250th post and although it's not an official milestone, I wanted to find something special to mark the moment.

As I've been searching for photographic Dutch subjects to shine my light on for more than 'three point four' years without missing a single day I felt this lightship has a nice symbolic value to this occasion.

For those who want to know the details:
This lightboat originally already called 'Vessel 11' was built in 1951 and was operational till 1988  at the Saint Gowans bank in the Irish sea near Pembroke (Wales) after which it was bought to become a Spanish restaurant in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

It's currently an English Pub / Restaurant / Event location and if I'm to thrust the comment I found on the web... a pretty nice place too!

'This unique location is really great! Food on an old ship. With wide selection of beers and gone for the fish burger with bacon. That was so delicious that I have left nothing of the whole. Very friendly staff that has helped me to get through the evening. Always on time at the table and very talkative. Chapeau!'

I guess I've got to try it to celebrate this 1250th 'milestone'

Have a nice weekend!

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