Damp 'n' Misty

Both this morning and I didn't think the sun would break through and so far .....  it hasn't, but at least it's drier.

These Sweet Peas are in the allotments over the road from us where I had a quick scout round first thing - lots of damp lacework by spiders, the last of the beans, some lovely Dahlias and huge pumpkins and gourds.  All looking a bit eerie in the mist though.

We're off up to Goostry in Cheshire in a mo for a wedding party this evening.  The lovely couple J&J were married last month in Canada where the bridegroom is a First Officer for  SunAir Canada Airlines.  Mr T sent him solo in a gkider when he was 16 and J says Mr. T has taught him all he knows - about flying that is!! 

Back home tomorrow when I'll endeavour to catch up with you all again. 

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