Garden Arch

A gentle start to the day as I am staying with a friend in Retford. We had a leisurely breakfast and then went off to Clumber Park. Here we spent time in the glasshouse and kitchen garden. The sun was out and it was quite warm although the full Autumn colours are still a couple if weeks away. 

Afternoon tea and a glass of wine probably mean a bit of a snooze in the conservatory. Our husbands won't be back here until at least 8.30 this evening, and a John and I have another 2-3 hours travel I can see it will be a late night.

The blip is taken in my friend's garden with a lovely trellis arch in the morning sun. My laptop is at home so I have no way of processing pictures taken at Clumber. It suited the mono treatment and is a reminder for Mono Monday where the theme is FUN, tag mm 88.

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