The Race is On

.....................................for Christmas. Sorry but I have to remind you as it will suddenly happen and if you are anything like me you will be running at the last minute and getting well stressed.

Baby sitting duty today as you can see and this game/ race to the end was brought out and reminded me that I might even think about the dreaded celebration. I'm not even sure that I've ever really liked it on account of the palaver. One year we went to Sardinia with our daughter to escape it all. Our son was in the Cayman Islands at the time so we didn't feel guilty.

Today it rained for the first time in about 10 days. Cian went to school and we had Esme to play with. She was a good girl but noisier than I thought she would be on her own. Grandad did drawing with her and I did advice on looking after her skin. She has the most beautiful skin and hair. She played with small Lego which I was surprised about. I was going to take it away from her but she kicked up a right fuss so I thought I'd check if she could do it. Smarty pants could of course do it.

Cian had yet another bruise when he came home from school. He already has badly skelfed elbows and skint knees. He showed me the words that he should try to know as his parents had stuck it in the side of his chest of drawers. He really is a funny boy and once he gets something into his mind he will try every trick in the book. He brought out his suitcase to pack more stuff for his holidays. I knew he wouldn't be allied to do that but never the less he jumped up and grabbed a pair of shorts to put in. I wasn't having it and put them and the case back. Granddad copped for the same trick and the shorts were down again and nearly in the case. Also he wanted to change the arrangement of the furniture in his room. I think he's been at his parents for that one too. Esme was trying to help him too. You have to nip all this ganging up in the bud or they can get out of control and then you have to shout at them which doesn't bother him but she can just burst in to tears.

I wanted them to draw a Xmas card scene for me for a competition so that I could win £150 worth of gardening stuff. We all sat down and I asked them to think of Christmas. Cain is obviously looking forward to jumping on the trampoline at Xmas time as that's what he thought of. A good drawing as he copied the trampoline from his seat but I didn't think it a Xmas winner. Esme drew a good balloon and then a binana ( that's how she says it) I think I'll see if Jody can help me out.

That's about it for today. Not too shattered as there were no major upheavals.

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