Tide Flow - Time Flow

This afternoon I helped to open the new Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park which Karen Scotland has established at her family house on the shores of the Kyles of Bute near Colintraive.

It is a great idea, which showcases many first class Scottish sculptors in a fantastic setting. I was very taken with a whole range of things including Illona Morrice's beautiful, slightly whimsical but very moving piece which places her scuplture entitled "Breandan Voyage" - a stylised, rachaic view of pilgramage and rough seas - within a slate boat shape laid out amongst grass.

But the extraordinary star of the show is Rob Mulholland's "Tide Flow - Time Flow". A group of mirrored figures and shapes on the shore line - of which this is a detail - they conjure up the ethereal , suggest our watery origins and beckon us to join them in different worlds.

I have not seen his installation at the David Marshall Lodge at Aberfoyle called Vestige but it has been photographed often and blipped.

I am told that this is the first time he has done anything in water, but I suspect it will also be pictured again and again. It deserves to be.

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