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Zoo Trip #53: Hawk Conservancy Trust (Friday 25th)

This is Imber, an American bald eagle, in Reg's Wildflower Meadow. She had just flown in from East Cholderton a couple of miles away as part of The Valley Of The Eagles flying demonstration, and was perched on the arm of Cedric, her trainer and handler for a photo call. She is only two years old and a recent addition to the flying team, so can be prone to take her time returning to base as she explores her surroundings, but on this occasion the thermals were good and she flew in directly, together with her partner Danebury, and landed confidently on Cedric's gloved hand.

This was my fourth visit to the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Weyhill, near Andover in Hampshire, and each time has been different and special. There were three flying demonstrations, the first being the final week of their Wings Of Africa display and featured many species of birds including a fish eagle, a milky eagle owl, white-necked vultures, yellow-billed kites, sacred ibises (Liquorice and Dip) and Frodo, the tawny eagle (as seen in the Extra in the Savannah Arena).

I also got to hold Troy, their lovely tawny owl, on my arm. I remember him being afraid of heights when he was first performing, having been hand-reared by a human, but he has now overcome this and put on a valiant display in the final display, Woodland Owls And Hawks, along with all the other birds.

This time we sat in different parts of the audience from previous times for each of the displays to get a fresh perspective. This worked well and involved ducking to avoid being flown into by a vulture or a great grey owl.

In between the displays we viewed the birds in their enclosures and had a chilli baked potato from the Feathers Restaurant. A great day out.

We stopped at Bollands Hill, Seend Cleeve, on the way back to have a towpath stroll in the fabulous autumn evening light, mostly spent trying to catch up with a cygnet that was gliding away from us. I was pleased with the photographic results, but the blip had to be from the Trust.

6.10.2015 (1030 hr)

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