It has been a long time
let us get together we say
has it been that long
where has the time gone
on just another afternoon
there is a hopefulness in rainwater
rocking chair time
as it passes on the old grandfather clock
the drops fall and freshness is all around
the gentleness of rainwater
relaxing and restful
let us get together
before the days of Autumn have gone

Victoria Heim

Don't we all wonder where the time has gone in-between seeing family and friends?  Fortunately, I see my close family quite a bit since I retired six months ago.  However, I've been very lax about getting in touch with friends lately - something I must address as a matter of priority.  My sister and niece came over to Mum's today so that we could be together on Dad's birthday to remember him and to give Mum our support.

I took this photo just before sunset.  It was only on closer inspection that I noticed the tiny bead of rainwater on the fly's mouth, which it must have gathered from the velvet folds of the miniature rose.

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