The Change

October in Pennsylvania heralds the color change, when the trees put on their very best show of the year. And we don't want to miss it, so my husband and I try to get outdoors in October every single chance we get. We become color fiends. We chase the foliage from one end of the state to the next.

Our adventure on this day (after a weekend of family visits) was to head into the woods on what would be my second backpack trip of the fall. In September, we camped in the Quehanna Wild Area and I got to watch the mist rise the next morning over the Valley of the Elk. And that was very fine indeed! This time we headed into Sproul State Forest to a little campsite we call Pine Glen.

We parked my car along a back road, packed up our gear, and headed into the woods for what would turn out to be a very peaceful night. As we had driven along the main road in Sproul, the foliage colors hadn't seemed too amazing, but once we got off the main road and onto the dirt road, all I can say is: WOW!

The main photo is the view off to the right along the back road, just before we left it to head off bushwhacking into the woods. The second photo (see extra photos) was taken while standing in the very same spot where I stood to take the first photo, but turned two steps to my left. I admit I have never walked down the little trail in the second photo but it looks quite inviting indeed!

The song to accompany these images of the foliage change is a classic Sam Cooke tune, A Change Is Gonna Come. I'm including three versions: the first is the original by Sam Cooke himself. The second is a Springsteen sound check cover. The third is by the Playing for Change Band.

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