A while ago, my physio recommended doing some core exercises to aid my shoulders.  I ignored her for a while.  Cycling advice also recommends it.  I've ignored that too.

I really dislike exercises for the sake of it.

Since I've become a little fitter, I have thought about incorporating something extra and hunted for the single best core exercise.  The Plank seemed to be the conclusion.  So, I did a bit of searching round and found the 30 Day Plank Challenge.

Feeling like I was breaking in two at 10 seconds, I wasn't convinced how far I'd get given the first day started at 20!  However, I tried again and made it. Just.

I made it to the point when it started going up in 30-second slots - now that's a bit crazy if you ask me!  I've hit 2 minutes 30.  I've also concluded that 5 minutes is going to do me damage unless I take it more slowly.  So, for the last two weeks, I've been doing two minutes and am rather chuffed with the achievement and the fact it's getting easier.

My physio has now shown me some plank alternatives using an exercise ball (now purchased) but I haven't progressed to that yet.  My plan is to stick to two minutes and move on to these less static exercises which she reckons are better.  

Two minutes. My kind of exercise!

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