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By shotlandka


I took a day off work today to head into London to see South Africa whitewash the USA in what used to be the Olympic Stadium. I knew they'd win, but had no idea they'd do it so convincingly. For those not following the Rugby World Cup, the final score was 64-0. Rugby is not a popular sport in the US, some friends of mine I told about the match were surprised to hear that there was even a US rugby team, so it wasn't surprusing that easily half the crowd were wearing some item of Springboks kit, and a total of 3 people I saw had 'official' US rugby kit, though plenty more had flags, or US kit for other sports. As the scoreline got more and more extreme, the volume of the US support picked up as the UK love of an underdog kicked in! Didn't do them any good, though it was a pity for them not to get any points. The score is actually not a good reflection of how the Springboks played. If their handling is that poor playing a top team, they don't stand a chance, which is rather disappointing for me. Far too many fumbles. A great day out though, some fun banter and a lot of people watching - fab! Back to work tomorrow though.

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