What The Blip!

By JebusBlips

Wye Walk When You Can Run

Forest Adventures - Day 7

Started day off in best way possible, with a run in the forest with Ed and Georgie. Only a short out and back route of 4 miles but it took us through some lovely trails and an amazing view of the Wye Valley at a vantage point at halfway.

When we got back to the cabin the others were up so after a shower for the runners we jumped in the cars and headed to the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail

There are over a dozen sculptures to find on a long circuitous trail through the forest and armed with walking sticks (read large branches scavenged from Forest) we set off in search of them. We weren't successful in locating them all but we gave it a good go and after spending several hours in the attempt we were all pretty tired. One final stop off at another lookout with views across the forest before heading back to the cabin.

Dinner tonight (our last) will be taken at Ye Old Ferrie Inn in the excellently named Symonds Yat.

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