I have not been to well. 

Had another chest infection for a while and then I developed shingles. Still have the rash but the ill feeling has been better the last few days. Luckily it hasn't been to sore. Just as well as I had to drive through to Dundee to take my eldest son Corry to the dental hospital to get a tooth pulled.  

Todays blip taken in the waiting room.

My immune system is down. I have high enzymes of some kind in my liver tests and a folic acid deficiency.  Folic acid makes and repairs DNA so my doctor put me on folic acid supplements a few weeks ago. So I don't know if there is a connection there or not.

You also get folic acid deficiency if you have crohns or celiac disease (liver), so I think another Doctor was wrong to dismiss those a few weeks ago without tests and told me I just have irritable bowel syndrome.

Ah well hopefully they can get to the bottom (pun intended) of the problem before I pop my clogs ;)

Will catch up with blips soon and apologies for my lack of comments as I just don't have the energy x

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