By QuerkyPoo


Well I spoke to Mr. Poo again yesterday and told him I was having a struggle thinking of new ideas for getting the blips up !  Mrs Poo came into the room at the same time and of course she's a keen gardener - loves roses and things - she said well dear you know if you ever get stuck there's always plenty of flowers in the garden - and it being spring and all you should be out there.  I said to her there was one I saw as I cam e in the front gate which I liked and she told me it was a lovely PEONE. She said and dont you call it a PEONE ROSE as it isnt its just a lovely PEONE. P ONE or anything its a lovely speciman so I went out with caution and photographed it and here it is !! I hope you like it - Oh by the way being new at the flower taking I had an awful job keeping my camera steady so I do apologise for that - Cant even take a sharp shot of a Rose !! GEEE!
rgds Querky Cosmos

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