Flying High!

It was so hard today choosing whether my main blip should be a butterfly in flight or my extra photo, the red-bellied woodpecker.  I hope I made the right choice!

I am not even going to admit how many photos I took today while outside.  Lets just say it was a lot.  

Mr Cardinal was out and about, as was the Chickadee.  There was even a Halloween Crow in the backyard oak tree!

Whitey came over to play ball either 4 or 5 times today!  Mini-Me came over for a snack and then sat on the bridge to clean up.  

The BIG question of the day though, is this - Do you think Neenah is comfortable?! 

Got my pumpkin for the doorstep yesterday and now just have to decide how to carve it!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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