Ramblings from Zambia....

By dcafrica

market fire.....

Had a busy day at work and just after dark a visitor arrived who is from Scotland and will be staying with me until Monday!  We had just had our meal and I heard a lot of noise outside and cringed because it sounded like a fire - sure enough, opened the door and the main market in town was on fire - it was an incredible fire which not only engulfed the market but also all the shops and houses surrounding it.  To my knowledge no one was hurt in the fire.  

These fires are becoming too common especially in the middle of town and usually at night.  Most of the stalls are made of wood and its so dry and hot these days that they go up really fast.  Of course, we have one fire brigade in town which did not even turn up, and even if it had water I am not sure it would have been very effective.  People say the fires are being started deliberately but there is no proof of that!

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