By Mickky

Please do not feed the carp

A kind of personification can be observed in the Japanese version, within the square brackets (not realised in the English version unfortunately!), which represents what the carps are telling: "we are on a diet (so please do not feed us, thank you)." Such a unique and somewhat childish choice of words may be concerned with a particular group of recipients who are most likely to get inclined to feed the carps, that is, needless to say, children.

Having caught this, I went to Kenrokuen for the first time in 14 years. Kenrokuen is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, worth visiting for everyone; however I had missed the chance to visit it again for such a long time despite having attended a university that is very close to it for six years now. There is no reason actually. We tend to be slow to go somewhere we can always manage.

Last time of my visit to the garden, which was 14 years ago as I mentioned, was with my grandparents and brother. It was autumn, just like this time, and I still remember we had a fabulous time there. However, my grandfather didn't live long since then: he died suddenly only three months later.

I added five more photos I took after this sign: three of them show the garden and the other two show a part of Kanazawa Castle adjacent to the garden and a classic museum that is related to my university, respectively. I'd like to look on more places around this beautiful and historical city while a student.

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