The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

71°10'21" North Cape.....

Next Stop the North Pole.

We landed at Honningsvagg and got a coach to North Cape the nearest land to the North Pole and it was blowing a howling gale, almost blew us over and it was bitterly cold too.
We had a bus break down on us and then a taxi taken off us by a bunch of marauding Dutch folk hell bent on causing havoc, Mrs BM wouldn't let me confront them though so we managed a bus ride to North Cape.
With the bus ride we had entry into the place unlike the Dutch who had to pay 200 Krone to get in making it more expensive for them than what we paid, I though that was Kama.

Back on the ship we headed off and soon we were seeing the Northern Lights again, this time much brighter, what a treat.

Our Internet is on and off more time than I could count, hence this back blip.

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