Smoke on the water

OMG - wrecked after all that rugby.  Poor Ireland, what an awful start but things improved but still far too stressful and the Argies were huge - especially the one that had to keep on visiting the naughty corner! I thought the French ref in his pink top did very well. Himself thinks I would make a very good alternative commentator mentioning the essential things like the size of thighs, tight jerseys, what exactly is going on in that scrum, and are they really allowed to do that?
I had to go for a long cycle ride after that - a quick whizz up and down the coast and there was son#1 perched on the end of a rock. Very calm and lots of burning going on on the Mizen.
I was too wrecked to actually sit down and watch the Scotland match but kept on popping in to see what was going on. I thought the Scots looked especially smart. A friend rang up in the last 10 minutes so thankfully I missed the uber tension of the final minutes. Ooof.

Smoke on the Water  - air guitars ready!

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