Underwater World

We went to the underwater nature reserve at the Moorbad (lake) in our town this afternoon with some friends. I have always meant to visit but never think of it during the week. Today was the last day before it closes for winter so we decided to go. It was very interesting with the indoor exhibition also in English so I was able to read everything much quicker. I was also provided with translations for words I have only known in German although it was disappointing to see ‘Moor' translated as ‘bog'. I think ‘peatland' would have been a better word. It was interesting to read about the ecosystems and biodiversity of the area. The current exhibition explained the process of draining the lakes each autumn to catch the fish. Hopefully, we will see this on Saturday at another town. 

The 2 resident European otters are fed 3 times a day at the reserve. This one is Luca, the female - the male was harder to catch. The extra is Luca enjoying her meal.

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