Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Red Road Demolition

A week on since the main demolition, to bring down the six remaining Red Road flats in Springburn.  Two of the six only partially collapsed, and we were both interested to go over and see the sight for ourselves.  I've added three extra shots, two showing other angles on this block, and one of the wider Red Road Court, still to be dealt with.  Fascinating to watch as sections of steel were cut and pulled down, rubble and concrete falling. 

Loads of cars stopping to take it all in, locals standing at the fences in silence, and I wondered if some of them had perhaps lived there.  A lot of dust in the air. 

I got chatting to one man who had worked for the company who installed the lifts in the last two to go up.  He said it was hard to see something you had worked on being torn down, but he knew it was for the best.  Last Sunday he made up his juice, crisps and "pieces", prepared for a long wait.  He found a good position around 10.30 am and stood it out until the unannounced fall just after 3.15 pm.  All over in about 5 seconds, and then the shock of the two upper sections still remaining.  He keeps coming back to check on the progress.  

I remember these going up in the late 1960s. This was our main route into the city centre from Lenzie, before the M80 was constructed.  The skyline of Glasgow has changed forever, and I feel for the better.  

Interesting article from the The Guardian here.

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