Meanwhile, at the coast..

By meancoast

Going equipped......

.....more dabbling in the past for me today (due to the weather..... 'nuf said!). Dug out the sound recorder and, hurrah, it still works, so watch out Ma, I'll be round sometime very soon to find out who was married to who....and possibly who wasn't. I also found an album of photos (circa 1stWW) that I want her to try to identify, I'm pretty sure I rescued them when my Great Aunt Sally died and her house was being cleared but there's no names (though I can see some family resemblances), very frustrating! Anyway, the plan for today is recording everything I've found so far onto instead of scribbled on scraps of paper.

.....confession, I should really be doing housework so I'm suffering severe guilt pangs, this feels perilously close to having fun......

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