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By iamrosco

Good weather for the darkroom

Started the day off with some couples hill training up Arthur's Seat. It started off couples, but didn't last long as our agendas differed slightly. I have a pressing need to be able to run up and down hills, and she has no such requirement or (I think it's fair to say) desire to be able to do so.

It looked overcast and not too warm, good running conditions, however it turned out to be surprisingly humid. This made progress upwards slightly challenging. Even more so the second time. Luckily, some torrential rain was tracked in from Fife by L (standing further up), and with that the second wind came. Like I said- luckily.

Afternoon activities centred around getting back down to the darkrooms and developing some promising rolls. Pretty pleased as my optimism seemed largely well judged, and I totally forgot about young Matthew's first film frame - and well framed it was too. I wonder if he's up for tinkering around with some chemicals and an enlarger.

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