Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I willingly admit that up until the last few years, I was terrified of spiders - I mean jump-up-on-the-chair and scream at the top of my lungs scared.  But a few years back when I was fiddling with macro filters I discovered jumping spiders - diminutive little creatures with - dare I say it? - cute faces.  I still have a soft spot for the wee jumpers which may explain why I found it necessary to crouch awkwardly in the garden in a pile of leaves taking 50 odd photos of the little dude this afternoon.  But really, aren't those button-eyes the cutest things?

This image was taken with the 105 lens and heavily cropped since the spider is no bigger than the clicker-end of a pen.  I decided to go with a mono treatment - if you want to see a slightly less-cropped, color version, click HERE

And if you'd like to see a shot of a spider that makes the jumper look huge, click HERE and be prepared to sing "Me and my shadow...".  This would have been my blip today if not for the jumper.

Temps over 70 today so lots of flyers and crawlers in the garden.  A few things I wasn't able to identify so they are now in the "to be id'd" folder on my computer.  Project for a cold winter day.  

Hubs had a job interview in NY this morning, so we went out after he got home for a nice lunch.  Too soon to tell if the interview will go anywhere as it is very early in the process.  

Our new microwave was delivered today.  Old one crapped out about 10 days ago, after 14 years.  We'll attempt to install the new one this weekend - I predict major cursing.  

Happy Hump Day, people.

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