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By Esper

Han Shot First

I was going to go to the Paul Klee exhibition today but I decided to stay home and do some art of my own. I did draw a portrait of Han Solo many years ago but I wasn't entirely satisfied with it. I'm a lot happier with this one. This is my fourth Harrison Ford portrait as I also drew Rick Deckard, Indiana Jones and the other Han Solo portrait. I may draw another Indy portrait next time as the first one I drew was in black and white so I would like to draw a colour one.

I attended Valerie's school open day this morning and was called upon to act as an impromptu classroom assistant in her English lesson. That was fun. The children asked me simple questions and I answered, only sometimes their pronunciation wasn't clear and I gave the wrong answers. For example, one child asked me, "Who is your favourite actress?" I thought he said "athlete," so I answered, "Dean Karnazes." When that was cleared up I answered, "Sigourney Weaver." Another child asked me if Valerie is cheerful at home, but I thought she asked me if Valerie is careful at home. Oh well, it was fun.

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