By Mickky

Front-in Parking

Found this sign at a parking lot. It requests the drivers to slide into the parking space front-first as sketched on it, which I suppose is not so common for drivers here (it might be a usual way of parking in some other places in Japan, I just don't know). I was originally taught back-in parking as well as some of its benefits, like quick getaway and better visibility when leaving, though it would be more tactical and actually is more time-consuming than front-in parking. Also, I may have to feel embarrassed to inform this, but I found that only one of five or six cars parked obeyed what this sign is communicating. The parking lot itself was quite large and so was each of the parking spaces, and thus the drivers wouldn't need to worry about visibility and oncoming traffic that much when departing, even if they parked in the way the sign shows; still they chose to park backwards as they usually do.

Such 'front-in only' signs can be seen at some other shops too, in order to protect premises behind a parking lot from car emissions.

I did an internet search, learning that front-in parking, rather than back-in, is much more common in the US.

Just realised I've reached 100th entry. Never expected I would come this far when I set out on this journal, just with SIGNS.

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