Today's Special

By Connections

Child's Play

The fellow in the blue shirt seemed to be the coach for these young people, who were having a great time doing warm-ups on land and then kayaking on Lake Padden this afternoon. What a great way to channel youthful energy!

Phil and I had a leisurely ramble there in late afternoon, having been at home most of the day. We heard a kingfisher laughing at us more times than we'd want to admit, and caught sight of it for a split second now and then, but never stood a chance of photographing the elusive bird.

The alternative to today's blip was a macro shot of several bluebottle flies tucking into a scrap of salmon, one of several that I'd left on the back fence to see what creatures might be interested in it. I found the flies fascinating, but you might not!

(Phil has a beautifully tranquil view of some other folks at Lake Padden -- check it out here.)

Blip 1384

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