By RedDevil

Hello, Hello!

Brilliant sunny spring day, albeit a little on the warm side (27 degrees), checked out the Food and Wine Fair in a neighbouring suburb, well the food anyway, bought salt and vinegar pistachios (that’s a first) and some local smoked garlic.
Lunch was delicious a Parisian Saumon and Spinach crepe  and then went back home and spent most of the afternoon in my garden.   So love lazy Sundays.

In the midst of filling up the bird feeder (which I'm sure is not being eaten by birds) I heard a weird bird call coming from the Mulberry Tree.

This fairly large bird did hang around for a while, but it was so concealed, I  struggled to get a decent shot.  I have absolutely no idea what it is and the nearest possibility according to my bird book, is a Pheasant Cuckoo!  It was making a weird sound and talking to a bird in a nearby tree…. HELP.... me please identify this critter!  The second image captures some of its spectacular tail which it did fan for a split second.
I know it’s not the best photo, but always get a thrill out of a new bird visiting my backyard!  


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