By Realgrumpytyke

Coincidences? Don't believe in 'em

I hope you'll bear with me while I tell you a tale leading up to this blip.
I referred to our Writers Club session with yesterday's blip; we had been set a theme, 'Halloween' on which to write a short story. For some reason my effort involved hash and LSD, something I had not thought about since the late '60s.
As a fan of the dark Swedish crime films, I watched 'Requiem' on BBC4 last night and managed to stay awake till the end, 11pm. Before I could turn off the tv the following programme, 'Psychedelic Britannia' began and, it being 'my era', having seen most of the bands live, been to most of the venues and even lived in Chelsea's King's Road, stayed with it till the end. The programme was based around the psychedelia resulting from consuming weed and LSD, which was really strange for me coming a few hours after reading my story to the group.
My wife did not see the tv programme, nor did I mention it to her. Cooking our Sunday 'full English', as is my wont, I was gobsmacked when she came from the bedroom with flowers in her hair.
Coincidences? No way!
Pics taken on my wife's Nikon 5000 during our after breakfast walk. I think the blip is the better photographically but I like the extra.

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