... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Twilight Goosles

Cuter a line-up in large!
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Eeee, it was wonderful to see the Goosles over the weekend. The fledglings are still hanging around with Mr. and Mrs. (much to Mr.'s chagrin); Mr. chases them a lot (particularly the larger male), and even Mrs. pokes at them when they get too close to her. The littlest one still seems to get a free pass.

I had an excellent day: I was taken to see Raven Girl and Connectome at the Royal Opera House. They were both modern ballet and made for an interesting mixed programme: Gabriel Yared wrote original music for Raven Girl, while music by Arvo Pärt was used in Connectome, and both were visually stunning.

Other pictures (including impostles and crows by the the boating pond) are right from here on Flickr.

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