Swim city

Tim's feeling better, but still not well enough to go climbing, so I went for a bike ride instead this morning.  Cycled down to Greenwich and along the Thames Path to the Greenwich Ecology Park.  There were some great reflections in the water along the edge of it, with the brightly coloured apartment blocks showing really clearly - and then this duck wandered into the picture, too.  Thanks , duck!

Came back and had some lunch (then realised it wasn't yet quite midday in 'new' time, but never mind), chilled out a bit, then Tim and I went out for a short walk in the afternoon to get a bit of fresh air and sunshine.  It was a beautiful sunny Autumn day :)  Cooked up a big veggie chilli for dinner this evening - yum.

Bit tough to choose a photo today - so I've bunged a few in the extras below....

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