The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- @pinkribbon_NL

This is a part of my bracelet that I bought from #PinkRibbon. This bracelet can be worn on two sides. The eye in the design stands for:
* Opening people's eyes, raise awareness about breast cancer.
* Occasional want you just want to close your eyes; the reflections in life;    turn inwards and find peace...
Thanks to Jensphotos for hosting the TinyTuesday challenge for this month...

Please click on this LINK and click on the big pink bar to support breast cancer research and offer someone a free mammogram. Much appreciated! Daily Results until now! 

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, stars and hearts for my yesterdays Blip! And even more thanks a lot for clicking the link...  because that's what's it all about...  

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