The Future Is Back.

This napkin was left on my canteen table when I sat down to lunch, and it reminded me if a story I'd read about Stephen Hawking.

When on a tour of the USS Enterprise set for Star Trek: The Next Generation, he reportedly said when he stopped to admire the Engine Room's Warp Core, he gestured toward it and said "I'm working on that!" Not surprising given his work on Black Holes and other space time-bending cosmological phenomena.

Given this last week's hoopla concerning Back To The Future Day, it was still a pleasant surprise to see a sketch of Doc Brown's Flux Capacitor on the back of a napkin.

For a few moments I entertained the notion that someone was attempting to make fictional technology possible - maybe, like some of the technology seen in Star Trek, someone's trying to make time travel possible; to make the future happen a lot sooner than we'd like to think.

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