Baby Chent

.................................................She gets called quite a few things that just seem to come out of the ether. Poor wee lassie was up a lot last night with a temperature and was really hot. The parents were up a lot too and were shattered today. She got quite cheery when she cooled down. I'll put my second choice of shot in extra when I clear a space and if you cant see that you can look in flickr assuming I get round to doing it shortly. Light is very low so the picture is very grainy. Must do a proper shoot with the kids and get some lighting. Mummy and Daddy take good shots too with their phones but probably for portraits it distorts although there is a shot or two in flickr from I phones that are quite representative.

We came over last night to spend time and help with the moving of the top soil on the new rockery area. Mr AF had had a mini op on his face to remove a black spot (vascular) which had started to bleed. He came home with a clear plaster on his face showing the stitches and blood. Jody had been concerned for him and wondered if he would be frightened before the operation and would like to see his plaster and touch it. (he is very interested in plaster and when he touches them he does it really gently. Mr AF was excused garden work due to him hurting his shoulder and having a plaster. !!!! He looked after the kids and the kitchen a bit while AFSIL did the outside job. I did pull the easy straw this time as I just had to do the raking and planting. The job wasn't as big as I thought so there was plenty of time to play with the kids and for Mammy to have a wee sleep and Daddy to knock up some lovely bread.........He has a Kitchen Aid contraption. I'm green with envy as I want to get back to bread making ( although I wont be able to have much of it)

I had a lovely relaxing time playing with Jody and his playdough. He made me laugh a lot and asked me to make grape shapes which he squeezed in to a snail. We cut things out and made snakes too. Our family really make me happy. All of them make me laugh...........parents and kids..........................they are all such characters.

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