Which one would you like?

I took my Mini for a service today.

If you remember my car had been damaged when I ran over a badger (sniff sniff). The liner inside the wheel arch had been ripped but my son had been unable to fit the replacement as he lacked a special tool. I took it with me and asked if they could fit it if they had time.

I sat and waited and mentally notched up the amount of money that the service plus the fitting might cost me.

When I saw my car parked outside I prepared for the worst.

The charge was NIL. The service was included in the warranty but they normally find something that needs to be done that they can charge for. They said that the extra cost was minimal and I could have it on the house.

I was stunned and ran away quickly before they could change their mind.

This is the line of minis in the showroom. From left to right, the modern equivalent of mine, 3 doors, the coupe or the one that looks as if it has been rolled on and squashed, the five door version of mine, bigger and more ugly and the Countryman, the one that looks as if it has eaten too much and put on weight.

Thank you so much for all of the praise and such kind words on my four year blip. It made it to the front page of the Popular page. It was amongst some stunning photos.

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