Abstract Thursday - Pink 5

Having fun with piling distorting filters in PS Elements 13 on each other resulting in the last pink abstract for this month. I started with capturing my mini Peranakan teapot from the top down with focus on the lid (main colour pink, of course), see extra 1. Then I turned it into a coloured pencil poster like image, see extra 2. That got cropped into a square image of the lid. Extra 3 image then had a radial blur and an ocean ripple treatment, extra 4 a wave and a polar coordinates effect (rectangular to polar). Merging 3 and 4 resulted in the above! With many thanks to youoregon1 for hosting this creative Abstract Thursday challenge.

My 5 October abstracts were all pink for Pink October and I did try for at least 4 of them to keep a roundish vaguely similar to a breast shape in the abstracts for this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please, if you have the time, could you visit the Breast Cancer site and click on the pink bar to help fund free mammograms for those who can't afford them otherwise? Thank you so much for that! Do remember to have your breasts checked too, man or woman !

And thank you for your continued support, comments, stars and even faves for my pink Blips, you are most kind !

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