Life from a City

By LeggeAngie

Autumn Trees

I hope you will forgive me for another tree lined Autumn Avenue, albeit a different one. But I love the changing of the seasons, and this one is so good for the colours. The picture is completely unadulterated in any form. 

This is a park nearby - the avenue runs alongside a large lake. It is a lovely walk in any season, particularly lovely right now, especially as there has been considerable work and thought put into the tree planting and development of the area. On top of that, the rainy summer has led to a particularly good range of Autumn colours in the leaves. 

We have had heavy rain in the last two days, which has brought down large numbers of leaves. In fact, today I saw the first tree which had lost almost all of its leaves. We do not have much longer to celebrate the full glory of Autumn. Very soon, I will be picking out the last vestiges of Autumn.

Today I was again practicing with AV mode - but this time on my compact (Canon G16). This was taken at f8, which is the highest the camera will go to.  

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