You will have heard me say in the past that Mr HCB's father loved to grow carnations - so I was thrilled to find these beautiful Dianthus, commonly known as "Pinks" flowering in the garden earlier this week. I earmarked them for Flower Friday and of course, they fit in well with the Pinktober challenge too. 

We have been asked to blip a photograph of a cancer patient or survivor and this is Mr HCB's mother, Phyllis Evelyn Joan - known as Joan - who was born on 18th December 1913 and died on the 30th October 1996.

Joan was diagnosed with breast cancer about 10 or 12 years before she died, but coped with an operation and all the ensuing treatment without complaint.  She was a real inspiration not only to her family but to the many friends and neighbours who visited her. 

She often used to say when I went in to see her "I pray the Lord takes me soon," and my response to her was "Do you remember that passage in the Bible that says 'In my father's house are many rooms'?  When your room is ready, He'll call you!"  She would smile at me - knowing that was true! 

She lived long enough to see her great granddaughter born in September of that year and died peacefully aged 82. 

A wonderful, gentle and kind lady who will never be forgotten.  We speak of her often and still love her dearly.

Say not in grief 
     “she is no more”
But live in thankfulness 
     that she was. 
Hebrew Proverb

Please click on this link so that someone who cannot afford to pay for a mammogram can have one free.  Thank you. 

P.S.  When I was taking the photograph, I noticed this little snail that must have come in on one of the flowers - that would have amused Joan.

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