FlowerFriday - Wall Daisies

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments, hearts and stars for  yesterday's Floating Banana, I really appreciate it.

Just went out for a short walk this afternoon in search of flowers and or dereliction. Surprisingly I found lots of flowers still out but the wind was always blowing just as I was taking a shot. Isn't that always the way? I found a road with these lovely daisies still blooming and crouched down to get some shots. I also saw a subject for Derelict Sunday so will be going back in a couple of days.

Please click on this link to enable those in other parts of the world unable to pay for a mammogram to have one free.  Thank you so much.

A long awaited report in connection with the planned development I protested against a few months ago, came out today. It's not good news for the development at all. It's going to be very interesting to see how our local government responds to it in the next few days. 

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