Big smiles

Look who’s come to stay with me for 10 days..........................  Ozzy my very gorgeous golden retriever boyfriend.
For my afternoon walk we had to go and pick Ann’s car up because she’d left it at a friend’s house last night after drinking copious quantities of wine!!!  I wasn’t really looking forward to my walk because I thought I’d be on my lead for the whole way.
But do you know what?..........................  I got to go for a run on two beaches first.  Yay!
And then when I got into the car Ann said, ‘Molly, we’re going to Ozzy’s house now because he’s coming to stay with us for a while.’
I immediately regretted the fact that I’d been swimming and had rolled on stinky things because no way was I looking my best!!!  Ozzy looked even more gorgeous than usual because he’d had a bath and a brush and was all fluffy & clean.
However, I don’t think Ozzy minds that I’m a wet, stinky, sandy, little collie because look at the big smile he gave me when he realised he was coming to stay with me.
We’re going to have such fun together!!!

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