Tiny Daisy

We managed a walk this morning before the South Africa and Argentina playoff for third.  Crisp walking as we had a slight frost, but with clear skies the air soon warmed up.

Since then I've been pottering with the computer, getting the email working, ringing the NZ Nortons Anti-virus people to help with reloading and other bits and bobs.

Loading early today as I've got to drive south to Oamaru (about an hour) to take photo's at a wedding function.  Apparently, the groom has some area set up for guests to get their photo's taken.  Shouldn't be too hard, but I still get nervous, that's just the way I am.

And nervous I am in the lead-up to the World Cup final - incidentally I'm dressed in BLACK! 

My first blip not using my iPhone for over a week.  I zapped down to the garden, rather like the mish mash of colours :)



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