Look at the size of OZZY?!!

Ozzy, my very gorgeous golden retriever boyfriend, is staying with me at the moment and just look at the size of him...................  Overnight he seems to have morphed into a Great Dane.

Today was ‘big, long walk Sunday’ and we were supposed to sit on this seat so that all you lovely Blippers could see the lake through the trees in the background.  But Ozzy didn’t understand what he had to do so Ann’s friend, Denise, had to hold him in position.  Even so, he still seemed to want to show everyone how big he is???

We’ve walked more than 10 miles on our big long Sunday walk.  We both did loads of swimming in the lake and are now a little bit wet, stinky & muddy.  But ho hum, we’ve had fun.

And do you know what?.............................  We went to the 'Harbour Inn' in Porthleven for lunch,  it’s November and it was warm enough for the humans to sit outside and eat lunch in the sunshine.  Yay!

Home now and us doggies have had our dinner and are going to have snooze time for the rest of the evening.  And Ann’s off out to do more eating & drinking.  Just as well she takes me for lots of long walks otherwise she’d turn into a big fat ummpha lummpha, the amount of eating and drinking she does. Lol.

Happy Sunday Evening peeps.

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