Silver of the Stars

.................................was an exhibition we happened upon today when we came to the Smith Gallery in Stirling for our lunch today. It came about to promote the art of silversmithing in the modern world, a tradition reaching back hundreds of years in Scotland. Scotland has always been a leader in innovative design, producing life-changing inventions from the telephone to television to Dolly the Sheep, the world's first cloned mammal. ( Bigging up Scotland while I can) The premise, although strange is that  ten international celebrities in the fields of film, fashion, music, theatre and literature, have been paired with ten of Scotland's finest silversmiths. Each pair has collaborated on the design for a piece of silver on that most beautiful moment,"a drink with a close friend", resulting in a hugely varied collection of drinking vessels that ranges from absinthe goblets to teapots to claret jugs. "Silver of the Stars" is a registered charity that will benefit ten charities nominated by each of the celebrities. In the photo I have chosen to show you the fanciest of these artefacts .......a collaboration between Sharleen Spiteri and jeweller Sarah Hutchison. It does look totally impractical to me but then I don't suppose it will be used very much. In the extras I liked Robbie Coltrane and Grant McCaig's collaboration. If you want to see more of the designs and reasons for them look here

Before going for lunch we went to the commemorative service for my friend Hilda. The cremation had happened earlier. We were under the impression that this was her funeral so we were a bit miffed that the coffin wasn't to be seen in the church. It was in a branch of the Free church of Scotland, one in which my uncle's funeral was held and where his coffin remained outside and there was no mention of him in the service which was full of hell fire and damnation if you don't believe in God. (something the younger members of the family will never forget) Hilda was described very well by the minister in this church as being a person who always wanted to help and be of service to others. We gave our condolences to her husband and daughters upon leaving and met up with the few people we knew outside the church, one of them being my ex pharmacy boss, who himself has had a stroke but is still bombing along at top speed.

Later a bit of actual shopping and Mr AF now has a very shorn look upon his head and I have some natty comfortable and fashionable may I say 

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